Established since 2011, PT. Mandiri Selaras Teknikindo is a company engaged in trading and manufacturing in Indonesia.

Contributing to technology development and development in an honest and professional manner is our main motivation with reliable human resources making MST able to compete and provide the best service for mutual survival.


  • Prioritizing integrated and programmed business activities to provide optimal results and customer satisfaction by establishing further relationships


  • Take an active role in running the business by supporting government programs to improve the nation’s economy
  • Participate in creating job opportunities and participate in building a quality and professional work culture
  • Prepare all the company’s standard requirements and participate in maintaining economic stability due to the free trade market.


  • The company is established in the form of a “LIMITED COMPANY” where the ownership of the company consists of shares agreed upon on the basis of investment.
  • The Commissioner has the right to supervise the policies of the board of directors in running the company and provide advice to the board of directors.
  • The Board of Directors of the company consists of one Director and is responsible for leading and implementing the company in accordance with the aims and objectives of the company the goal. In carrying out his duties, the Director is assisted by several staff.



  • Introducing company products, compiling effective and realistic management, finance and company administration programs, in line with the current rapid development of the business world. Build professional and proportional business partnerships/partnerships with related institutions/agencies, lumbago, in order to play a active role in national development programs.


  • The company’s emphasis on product quality and customer service to strengthen the basic position and define existing business opportunities.


  • Company priority to develop department or subsidiary new businesses that have a close relationship with existing businesses. Formation new efforts to lead to the establishment of branches company for business development.
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